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Forum: The Business of Cannabis
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 11:45am - 1:15pm
The Grove Hotel, Ballroom 2nd floor
Shellie Nash, Huntington Chamber of Commerce / Capt. Bill Gardiner, ISP / Wayne Hoffman, Idaho Freedom Foundation
The Business of Cannabis


The face of cannabis – medical miracle or gateway drug?  Will it create crime or promote prosperity? Or something in-between?  In this City Club forum you will hear three very different points of view on the business of cannabis. Panelists, Shellie Nash-Huntington Chamber of Commerce, Bill Gardiner- ISP, and Wayne Hoffman- Idaho Freedom Foundation, will speak on the business of cannabis and what it might mean to Idaho.


After the legalization of cannabis in Oregon, the small town of Huntington with a population of less than 500 residents, went through a decision-making process on allowing the sale of cannabis in their community.  Shellie Nash will talk about how the cannabis business has brought a change to her community.  She will walk us through their decision-making process and the benefits and concerns that their town is now facing.


Captain Bill Gardiner, Idaho State Patrol, will bring us a law enforcement perspective.  He will talk about the impacts on the Idaho State Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, as a state almost totally surrounded by states that have now legalized differing levels of cannabis use, from recreational to medicinal.


Wayne Hoffman, of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, will talk about the need for the citizens of State of Idaho to at least have and public conversation on the issues surrounding cannabis.  What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks?   How can there be civil discourse when we refuse to even talk about these important issues?


  • Shellie Nash, Huntington Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Gardiner, ISP
  • Wayne Hoffman, Idaho Freedom Foundation


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Chair: Terri Ottens