Landmark Fund

One of the primary goals of Landmark, a giving society, is to help underwrite the cost of students attending City Club forums, one of our primary missions. The Landmark Fund also supports new initiatives, such as the development of salons and tours.


When you make a contribution through membership in one of our LANDMARK groups, you join engaged and informed citizens helping shape the future of the City Club of Boise.  Since its inception, Landmark Fund contributions have helped City Club:

  • Appeal to a broader audience, including younger members, by supporting discounted student rates at forums.
  • Develop and offer new programs such as tours and salons.
  • Develop and improve its website, including archiving audio.
  • Ensure a diverse audience, by keeping City Club’s programs affordable.

There are several categories of Landmark Fund participants:

Capitol Society $1,000 and up
Foothills Society $500 to $999
Greenbelt Society $250 to $499
River Society $100 to $249
Supporting Society $1 to $99