Do Bike Lanes Matter?
Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Grove Hotel
Lisa Brady I Kâren Sander I Jim Weatherby

Like other cities around the globe, Boiseans are getting on their bikes. The Greenbelt and the Foothills trails are shining jewels, used by families, recreationists and commuters every day. A complete bike system includes sharing roads with cars as well. With a maze of government agencies and transportation plans, creating a safe bike lane system has become a top story this summer. The Ada County Highway District unveiled a bike lane pilot project May 1, gathered public input, and ended the pilot and removed the bike lanes a little more than a month later.

In the aftermath of the Downtown Boise bike-lane controversy, ACHD invited 42 individuals to participate in a bike lanes stakeholder group and come up with a new bike lane plan.

Why all the fuss? Why do bike lanes matter? What's next for bike lanes in Boise? Who is involved with the stakeholder group and what will they propose? Will ACHD and the City of Boise be able to work together to find a solution?

Panelists Lisa Brady (Safe Routes to School, Treasure Valley Cycling Alliance) and Kâren Sander (Downtown Boise Association executive director) are two members of the ACHD stakeholder group. Dr. Jim Weatherby is former executive director of the Idaho Association of Cities and former director of the Public Policy Center at Boise State University. The trio will share their thoughts on bike lanes today and tomorrow, and answer audience questions.

Chair: Rachel Winer
Moderator: Marty Peterson
Underwriters: Northwest Nazarene University