Civility Series Forum: When Social Media turns Antisocial
Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Grove Hotel
Lisa Jenkins I Lisa McGrath I Liza Long
In our ongoing look at civility in various aspects of our lives, on April 27th we turn our attention to the wild world of social media. How has the proliferation of social channels and platforms changed the way we engage with each other? What have we learned...and what does the future hold? The forum will feature a panel of individuals with extensive (and different) experience in this arena.  
  • Lisa Jenkins is the Managing Editor and Social Team Member of the Social Media Examiner. She will discuss how marketers and businesses try to create civility in discussions on their channels
  • Lisa McGrath, a New Media Attorney, helps us understand the repercussions and recourses when people get uncivil online
  • Liza Long, Author/ Mental Health Advocate, will share insights and experiences when your words go viral and spark national dialogue- both civil and uncivil.
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Chair: Jess Flynn
Moderator: Kevin Richert