Conservation as an Act of Citizenship: Idaho’s Wildlife Belongs to You
Thursday, July 18, 2013, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
MK Plaza Auditorium, 720 East Park Blvd., Boise
Forum speaker: Shane Mahoney, Idaho Wildlife Summit

“I’d much sooner have a world filled with people who are so vitally concerned with wildlife that they fight all the time about it, than a world in which nobody gives a damn.” - Shane Mahoney, Idaho Wildlife Summit, Aug. 25, 2012

Idaho has diversity and abundance of wildlife found in few other places in this country.  To see mountain lions, elk and goshawks within city limits – and to fish for steelhead four steps off the Greenbelt – is extraordinary by national and even global standards.  But that does not mean we can take it for granted.

Nine out of 10 Idahoans say wildlife issues are important to them.  We can – and will – fight over wolves, over sage grouse, over salmon recovery — in short, we will always fight over how we conserve and manage our wildlife which, as Shane says, is a good thing because it shows how much Idahoans care.

Shane Mahoney grew up in Newfoundland, Canada.  In 1992, the Northern cod fishery abruptly collapsed to less than 1 percent of its previous levels.  The federal government issued a moratorium, ending 500 years of cod fishing and marking the largest industrial closure in Canada’s history.  Perhaps more significant was the impact on the families and communities that had been linked to Northern cod for centuries.

Shane is an accomplished research biologist, outdoors writer and speaker, and has become an international leader in conservation and sustainability.  An avid hunter and angler, Shane delivered the keynote address at last summer’s Idaho Wildlife Summit.  His message is one of humans as part of the landscape and also of citizens as part of a democracy.  Having a thorough understanding of the history of conservation in North America, and by observing conservation crises across the globe, Shane powerfully conveys that to be concerned about wildlife is more than a hobby or special interest – it is a responsibility of being a citizen.

Here’s a chance to put differences aside for an evening and together be inspired by Shane.  During Q&A, he will be joined by Virgil Moore, Director of Idaho Fish & Game.


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Moderator: Dick Gardner