Exploring Boise's Early History with Four Idaho Historians
Thursday, April 25, 2013, 11:45 am-1:15 pm
The Grove Hotel
Susan Stacy, Boise historian, Carol MacGregor, Boise historian, Keith Petersen, Idaho State Historian, Ernie Hoidal, Boise historian

As Boise celebrates its 150th anniversary, City Club is sponsoring a forum featuring  four Idaho historians who will delve into the city's early history, pioneers, prominent people, early development and legal issues that all laid the groundwork for what Boise is today.

The four panelists are:   

  • Susan Stacy, author of Legacy of Light: A History of the Idaho Power Company, Tom and Julia Davis: Some Good Place, and When the River Rises: Flood Control on the Boise River. Stacy will talk about Boise's original landscape and early water and energy development.
  • Carol MacGregor, who has a Ph.D. in history, chronicles the early history of Boise in her book, Boise, Idaho, 1882-1919: Prosperity in Isolation. She will talk about early pioneers and settlers of Boise, prominent people and families.   
  • Keith Petersen writes and lectures frequently on Idaho history. An author of more than five books, Petersen will talk about how Boise became the capital of Idaho and how Boise's early development contrasted to the rest of Idaho.
  • Ernie Hoidal, vice president of the Idaho Legal History Society, has done extensive research on members of Boise’s legal community.  Hoidal will talk about early legal issues and noteworthy lawyers and judges.

After the initial presentation, the panel will take questions from the audience. 

Chair: Randi McDermott
Moderator: Marty Peterson
Underwriters: DBFitzpatrick
The Idaho Statesman