Forum: The Zoo-- its changing role in the modern world
Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Grove Hotel
Steve Burns, Zoo Director, Zoo Boise

Steve Burns has been the Executive Director of the Friends of Zoo Boise since 1997 and the Zoo Director since 2001. His background in conservation biology, sustainable development, and business administration provide him with the skills to lead the Zoo as it celebrates it's 100th Year Celebration in 2016. Steve led the efforts to reinvent the mission of Zoo Boise—implementing the first model in the country where visiting a zoo actually helps conservation efforts for animals in Idaho and around the world through a conservation fee included in admission prices.

Steve will introduce you to the role of the zoo in the modern world – always a greatSteve Burns Photo place to come with the family and have a good time, and a great place to come and learn about animals—but, today, Zoo Boise serves a dual role as it works to help protect animals in the wild. You’ll learn about the zoo’s conservation efforts, the projects that are in the works, and if you get there early—you’ll meet some of the Zoo Boise inhabitants who will visit before the program begins!

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