Forum: What is Boise's Plan for Homeless Services?
Wednesday, February 10th, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Grove Hotel
Diana Lachiondo / Peg Richards / Dr. Andrew Baron
Forum handouts: 1. City of Boise. NEWSRELEASE 02.09.16 Housing First 2. FEB.2016 - HomelessnessSurvey.BSU Summary The issue of how to address homelessness in Boise and surrounding areas has been headline news the last few weeks. Other places, such as Utah, have successfully solved the problem of homelessness for the most vulnerable. However, solutions are not easy to come by, and require community collaboration and financial support. This City Club forum will begin with remarks by three different speakers on positive approaches to reduce homelessness, particularly for those who are most vulnerable. Speakers are: Diana Lachiondo,Diane.Lachiandorepresenting Mayor Bieter;Peg Richards Peg Richards, incoming president of the Boise and Ada County Homeless Coalition; and Dr. Andrew Baron, medical director Dr. Andrew Baronof Terry Reilly Health Services, whose medical specialty is homeless individuals.
Chair: Dr. Julie Robinson
Moderator: Marcia Franklin
Underwriters: available