Major Factors Influencing Future Capital Market Returns
Thursday, June 26th, 2014, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Jordan Ballroom, Boise State University Student Union Building
Bob Maynard I PERSI Chief Investment Officer, panel of investment managers

The economy seems to be growing slowly and smoothly out of the Great Recession-  or is it? What about the instability in the Ukraine, Syria, and Mideast? What does a slowing Chinese economy mean? Will housing prices continue to improve, or will higher mortgage rates choke it off? What does the boom in unconventional oil and gas mean for the US? And will sanctions on Russia affect US energy prices? Is health care reform a curse or a blessing to the US economy? What happens if we don't invest in infrastructure? In education and job training? Has Maynard invested all my PERSI dollars in emerging markets and high tech entrepreneurs?

Come hear Bob Maynard and PERSI's team of investment managers discuss the global and national state of the economy, and take questions from the audience.

Bob Maynard has been the Chief Investment Officer for the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho (PERSI) since 1992. Under his direction, over $14 billion dollars are invested for the retirement of state and local government employees. Maynard is a former City Club of Boise board member. He will be joined by a panel of top investment mangers, and dozens more managers will be attending this lunch.

Special thanks to our GOLD level Forum Sponsor, Bank of the Cascades  

NOTE location: This forum will take place at Boise State University, parking is FREE for registered attendees, at the Lincoln garage. Find an interactive map, HERE.

Moderator: Dick Gardner
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