Micron: New Leadership, New Growth
Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012, 11:45 am - 1:15 pm
The Grove Hotel
Mark Durcan, CEO, Micron Technology

The world of technology is changing dramatically—and memory, the core business of Micron Technology, is playing a critical role. With the explosion of data on the Internet, burgeoning growth of data centers, and increased demands on technology, Micron is a central figure, supporting the global market and providing solutions that extend well beyond the memory chip.

New Micron CEO Mark Durcan will talk to City Club about key trends related to memory systems, provide an overview of Micron's global presence, and how the company plans to remain a strong competitor through innovation, customer collaboration and strong manufacturing expertise. Durcan also will take questions from the audience.

Durcan took over as Micron's CEO following the death of longtime CEO Steve Appleton on Feb. 3. He's a longtime company employee, having joined joined Micron in 1984 as a diffusion engineer. He also has served as chief technical officer, vice president of research and development and chief operating officer. He was recently appointed chairman of the Micron Technology Foundation, Inc.  Durcan earned a master's degree in chemical engineering and a bachelor's of science degree from Rice University.


Chair: Tom Killingsworth
Moderator: Marcia Franklin
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