Pioneering the use of Social Media in Boise
Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.
The Grove Hotel
Jessica Flynn, Don Day, Lisa McGrath

The social media phenomenon has revolutionized the way people communicate, how businesses court customers, how political campaigns hook voters, how the news media do business, and how products or companies can get harmed or destroyed with one bad move. Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Linked In and many other social media platforms have shifted the communications paradigm. Instead of big business and news media controlling the message, now the people and consumers are in control.

How is the social media revolution playing out in the Boise Valley? Three experts will present an overview of how social media are causing a sea-change in our community: Jessica Flynn, CEO of Red Sky Public Relations; Don Day, Internet Sales & Product Manager for KTVB-TV Channel 7; and Lisa McGrath, new media attorney with Lisa McGrath LLC. They’ll also take questions from the audience.

Flynn, a former communications manager for Tamarack Resort, Emmy-winning television producer and journalist, counsels clients on the use social media as part of overall communications strategies. She is a co-founder of Ignite Boise, an entertaining forum for ideas/presentations that sells out by advertising on social media. Day, who oversees KTVB.COM, has been a pioneer in the realm of the Internet, blogging and social media for 12 years. The KTVB.COM team received the 2011 National Edward R. Murrow award for best website. McGrath, former counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, runs a law firm that focuses on solving legal problems related to new media, the Internet, advertising, technology and E-commerce. McGrath also lectures frequently on social media law and is co-founder of Social Media Club Boise.

The City Club social media forum will feature a live twitter feed on screen with several twitter veterans "tweeting" and commenting during the forum.

Chair: Steve Stuebner
Moderator: Marcia Franklin
Underwriters: Northwest Nazarene University