Why Conservatives Should Support Immigration Reform
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 11:45am - 1:15pm
Boise Centre
Grover Norquist

Immigration reform is one of the leading issues currently being debated in Congress. City Club joins in that debate on a June 25 forum featuring Grover Norquist.  Norquist is one of the nation’s best-known conservative activists. In his City Club presentation he will discuss why conservatives should support immigration reform.

Immigration reform is an important economic issue in Idaho. Businesses such as the state’s growing dairy industry depend upon the availability of immigrant workers.  High tech firms such as Micron Technology are also dependent upon immigrants to fill engineering and other highly skilled positions.

Norquist is best known as the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, an organization that opposes all tax increases and initiated a taxpayer protection pledge that has been signed by nearly every Republican member of Congress. He also serves on the boards of a number of organizations including the National Rifle Association, the American Conservative Union, and the Hispanic Leadership Fund. He also serves on the six-member committee that selects Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.  In a CBS 60 Minutes episode, Steve Kroft stated that "Norquist has been responsible, more than anyone else, for rewriting the dogma of the Republican Party."

Norquist also feels strongly about the need to approve immigration reform legislation such as that being proposed by the U.S. Senate’s Gang of Eight. And he has not been afraid to square off against other conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation on that issue. Norquist says, “ I believe people are an asset, not a liability. America is the most immigrant-friendly nation in the world and we are also the richest; that is not a coincidence. Immigrants have been coming to our shores since the Pilgrims landed and they bring with them determination, innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit that built this great nation.”

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Moderator: Marty Peterson
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