All-In Pass Membership


City Club is pleased to announce the addition of our newest pricing package, All-In Pass Membership. For those of you that would benefit from not having to submit payment information each and every time when registering for a forum, this option is certainly up your alley. With the purchase of the All-In Pass Membership, whether as an Individual or for your household, your benefits Include;

  • Full year’s membership (Individual or Household)
  • Covered attendance fees (with meal) to all lunchtime Forums, including Pundits and Stimpson Award Forums.
    • Please note that registering for the events remains required in order for us to supply an accurate lunch count to the venue.
    • Please also note that fees for Salons, Tours, and After Hours events are not included in this package
  • Substitutes: If you are unable to attend a Forum, you can register someone to attend on your behalf at your All-In Pass rate of zero.

To receive the fee waiver to attend forums, please ensure you are logged in when registering or give us a call and we would be happy to assist you for your event registrations.


Renew or Sign-up for an All-In Pass Membership Now!


If you have any questions about this available option, please feel free to contact the City Club office at 208-364-4614 or email