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City Club of Boise Virtual Conversation: Is retirement only a dream for many in Idaho’s workforce

The retirement savings landscape is changing. Can Idaho help make it easier?

Virtual Conversation: Navigating a Crazy Election Day (While Not Going Crazy Yourself)

Panel discussion about navigating election day & perspective on the best ways to evaluate and understand what you are seeing and hearing on election day.

City Club of Boise: 26th Annual Pundits Forum

Save the date... details coming soon!

City Club of Boise Virtual Conversation: On the rocks: Bars, restaurants and music venues in the time of COVID

The global pandemic has affected business and industry in countless ways, but few sectors have been as disrupted as the very places where we have always turned when we wanted to eliminate our social distance: bars, restaurants and music venues.

City Club of Boise Virtual Conversation: COVID-19, Cybersecurity and Idaho's Elections

A conversation with Idaho Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck, Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane, Idaho County Clerk Kathy Ackerman and Boise State political science professor Jaclyn Kettler on how state and local officials are preparing to ensure that your vote is heard.

City Club of Boise 3rd Annual Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Forum

“Women’s Suffrage: From West to East”
Dr. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Idaho native Dr. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, professor, author, and historian will present a keynote address at the City Club of Boise’s 3rd Annual Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Forum.

City Club of Boise Virtual Conversation: PERSI Chief Investment Officer Bob Maynard

Join City Club of Boise for a conversation with PERSI Chief Investment Officer Bob Maynard. Mr. Maynard will help us all attempt to understand the pandemic market: where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going.

City Club of Boise Virtual Conversation: Healthcare and Policy Expert Panel

Join our panel of healthcare and policy experts as they share perspectives on the growing body of scientific knowledge about the novel coronavirus, its spread in Idaho thus far, impacts on healthcare capacity, advances in prevention and treatment, and recommendations to help curb the spread.

City Club Virtual Conversation: Idaho’s Constitution Revealed

This year the Idaho State Archives unveiled the Idaho Constitution, newly repaired, rebound and restored after months of conservation work.

City Club Virtual Conversation: Why has the promise of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 not been realized?

In 1964, an assurance of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” was extended to Black America. 56 years have passed awaiting this to become a reality.

City Club Virtual Conversation: Impact of COVID-19 on City Budgets

Join us to learn how different areas of the state- Idaho Falls, Post Falls, Twin Falls, and Garden City are managing their resources under Covid.

City Club Virtual Conversation: Mayor McLean

City Club of Boise is launching on-line programming to enable us to continue to provide interesting and informative conversations during this time of Social Distancing.

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