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We invite high school students from public schools in our area to attend lunch forums under the Landmark Fund scholarship. Students attend at a substantially discounted rate thanks to our Landmark Fund donors. Allowing them to be included in the conversation and network with business leaders and engaged citizens in our community. Here’s what students have told us about their experiences at City Club of Boise programs:

I was very pleased with my experience at the City Club lunch. I’m glad I was exposed to some of the issues that Boise is facing now because it’s time to start getting involved in that as a 17 year old, getting ready to vote and be a part of my community. It was interesting watching the different views of candidates on many different topics such as the opioid epidemic, expansion, and protection of our foothills. I am very interested in this event and I am definitely planning on attending the next one!

-Isabelle O.- Oct. 2018


Landmark Fund: Programs

Thank you for your contribution to support student engagement!

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