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" Things happen when people start talking and listening."


City Club of Boise is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by Dottie Stimpson. Stimpson, a longtime community volunteer and philanthropist, felt Boise needed a venue where its citizens could learn about and discuss important issues of the day in a non-partisan, civil manner. Our motto is “Things happen when people start talking and listening.”  

Taking its cue from other established City Clubs around the country, The City Club of Boise is governed by a volunteer board and is supported by membership dues, as well as our corporate and non-profit business partners.  The City Club of Boise has over 500 members and partners.  In addition, sponsors help underwrite the cost of programs.

We would like to acknowledge the ancestral, cultural, traditional, and unceded territory of the Shoshone, Bannock, and Northern Paiute people on which our meetings take place.

City Club of Boise works because people from across the community– people like you–understand that the critical issues we face, the technologies we use, the people who live here will surely change. Yet, the need to find common ground, to be good listeners, to seek shared solutions, to learn from and respect each other, will not. And if you believe that, then you believe in City Club of Boise. Join us. Become a member. Be part of the conversation.


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Know your City Club Benefits‘ informational sheet- printable PDF

This one page sheet outlines the different benefits associated with each membership level.

Getting to Know City Club Handout‘ -printable PDF

This handout includes information around the mission of City Club, the events we offer, and how to engage!

‘City Club Membership Handout‘- printable PDF

This one six page handout includes all Individual and corporate membership levels and the details of each level.

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